Who we are

Working and production of steering wheels

The firm was born in 1955 as mechanical outfit manufacturer and later, in 1963, begins to work in the steering wheels line on behalf of a third party, cooperating with car houses and with other companies operating in this field.
Meanwhile, the firm continues to grow its experience, specializing in steering wheels processing.

Since 1982 the firm begins to work for its own steering wheels line, introducing the new trademark SPORT LINE in the market.

Before long, the manufacturing know-how, the most up-to-date design and the exclusive use of first-class materials, allow SPORT LINE to meet with the appreciation in national and international market.

The company has generally wide and consolidated experience in shearing, injection, bending and welding of metals and since 2004 in the design and construction of molds and the molding of parts in plastic (www.officinerossimarco.it) for third parties.

Officine Rossi Marco is a certified company ISO 9001

Via Eridania 170 – 45030

Santa Maria Maddalena (Rovigo)


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